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About Bestclassicvintage

When I started wearing vintage clothes in 2017, second hand still had the image of smelly shops in industrial areas, where you could sometimes get good clothes for a good price, but in most cases you had to give up your idea of fashion in favor of sustainability. That really bothered me as I’ve always had a great passion for fashion (pun intended). So I started scouring thrift stores and garage sales wherever I went, trying to find the forgotten treasures of the past. My goal was to create extraordinary looks from things that would otherwise be thrown away. Over time, I honed my eye for the unique and established networks that would help me source the best pieces. Now, in 2022, I would rank my store as one of the most exclusive second-hand boutiques in the world and myself as the No. 1 expert when it comes to vintage Adidas. In the meantime, I am proud to be able to count many celebrities and even Oscar-winning movie companies among my customers.
Words cannot express how grateful I am for your support of this little experiment that has become a big part of my life.
I’m optimistic and excited for the future as I continue to work hard to bring you the best of both worlds – fashion and sustainability.

Cheers to the world